Bat Digest – Vol 1 – eBook

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“There doesn’t seem to be much information out there between a Walmart bat and a Perfect Game road trip. This fills that that need and is a great product.”~ Jeff P. (Dad, Coach) – Eden, Utah

What You Get

Master the 8 steps of unbiased bat fitting.

Be the expert – 29 bat terms and over 20 real bat buying scenarios.

A deep dive into the 6 different bat types.

A 70-page crash course on getting the right fastpitch or baseball bat.

A hype-free must-read ebook.

2 Year Access. Less than $0.50 a month!


We are drawn inescapably to data-informed buying for a few reasons…For one, gathering and analyzing information is at least interesting, if not, at the risk of sounding like we haven’t left our basement for the last 6 months, fun. And as much as that second season of Ted Lasso is calling our names, what better way to spend some free time than by confirming, and maybe reconfirming, that a particular bat type and swing weight is what will give our hitters the best chance at success in a sport they love?And secondly, we are just straight-up skeptical of the hype. Hype is subjective, so if we are after the hype, why not just make our own? Why can’t my make-believe be believed as much as your make-believe is believed?2015 Voodoo, anyone?If you’re only interested in reading this far into the bat guide, take this to the bank: Anyone can wipe down a $50 bat with the tears of a wounded unicorn, rub field dirt on its barrel while repeatedly chanting, “if you build it, he will come” and then tell everyone they found the best bat.But back here, in reality, buying through the hypevine, if you will–the one that stretches from social media to every little league grandstand in America–isn’t a place we can comfortably sit, let alone defend.

…if the trail of logic, empirical data and analysis is what you must also blaze, we say climb aboard this reality train, my friend. There are at least a few of us still onboard. The road is bumpy, but there are answers ahead.