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In addition to the gobs and gobs of free content we offer directly on as well as our Podcast where we answer real questions from real parents and players, we also make premium content for purchase.

The Book

Bat Buyer’s Guide

The Independent Bat Buyer’s Guide
Your best bat isn’t the one someone else can hit the farthest. This independent guide leads you through the eyes of the dads and coaches that have bought hundreds of bats through the year. Find the right bat, the right way, everytime.


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We also condensed our 600 some odd blog posts and almost 1,000 bat reviews into a book where we highlight, in 70 pages, the key things any bat buyer must know. This is what hundreds of bat buy, thousands on thousands of captured swing data, and communicating with every bat brand in the world will get you—narrowed down a book.

Exit Speeds

2022 Bat Data

2022 Exit Speeds/Data

Coming Soon

Although most years our data set has been out for several weeks, we are still waiting for a few marquee bats to come in the right sizes so we can capture the right amount of data. When that happens, we think before the first weke in Feburary,we will publish our 2022 dataset.

2021 Bat Data

Exit Speeds/Data
Here’s what is available in the 2021 Data Sheet: Performance BBCOR Exit Speeds (19 Bats, See Below) Most Performance BBCOR Swing Weights (35+ Models) USSSA 2021 Exit Speed Data on 6 Bats (More Soon, See Below) 1800+ Individually Captured BBCOR Swings and more…


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2020 Bat Data

Exit Speeds/Data
We hit the crack out of 2020 bats and have about thousand hits from a handful of players in USSSA, USA, BBCOR and fastpitch. We also tracked a ton of swing weights.


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More specifically, we’ve captured thousands and thousands of exit speeds and bat metrics over the years. Instead of sitting dormant on some spreadsheet we made, we’ve put them here. Those interested in big data, or who like to see trends and do their own analysis on exit velocities and swing weights will have a field day here. Purchasing the data is for PERSONAL. For business use, please reach out to us at

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2019 Bat Data

Exit Speeds/Data
Our 2019 Data sheet covers most of the major BBCOR, USSSA, USA and Fastpitch bats. We report their exit speeds as well as their swing weights.


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